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Interested in joining the ASBAIT Program? Our sales and marketing partners at Arizona School Plans, Inc. (ASPI) can show you the benefits of joining our trust and answer any questions you may have. You can contact them at: Local (602) 249-2031 or Toll Free (800) 314-8333.

  • ASPI will guide you through the quote and implementation phase
  • ASPI will coordinate all aspects of your renewals
  • ASPI will work with your representative (agent/broker/consultant) to deliver the best products for your team

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Claims Administration

Meritain Health (formerly AEI) is committed to providing ASBAIT the resources to help manage the long-term costs of their health benefit programs. By having a focus on current and future healthcare costs, they provide the most value for ASBAIT's members.

We believe the only way to change the rising trend in healthcare costs is to change the behavior of employees, promote healthier lifestyles, and make them better healthcare consumers.

Client & Customer Service

ASBAIT is committed to providing a personal and caring service experience.

As part of a commitment to service excellence, we have structured a client service team to provide ASBAIT member schools with a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, Client Relationship Coordinator and a Client Liaison. This team will closely work with each school and proactively provide pragmatic advice and insight into the ASBAIT program and utilization trends. We have a strong belief that through education and service, we can help ASBAIT member schools to improve the health and well being of their employees.

Dedicated service representatives are trained to assist employees with all aspects of healthcare consumerism. As the emerging role of consumerism in healthcare continues, we place great emphasis on our members with every opportunity made available to us.

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Out-of-State Network Provider

ASBAIT members have access to services outside of Arizona through Aetna’s broad national network of healthcare providers and facilities.  Aetna's network contains more than 850,000 participating physicians and ancillary providers, with 6,900 hospitals. When you must visit providers outside of Arizona, the Aetna network will provide in-network benefits.

Looking for an Aetna provider? It’s easy!  You can use DocFind anywhere you have Internet access. If you have questions while searching for a healthcare professional, simply click on the “Contact DocFind” link located at the top of any DocFind page to send us a comment or question. Log on to

Please note: Transplant services will continue to be administered by BlueCross/BlueShield of Arizona providers only.

Excess Loss Insurance

Aetna Life offers ASBAIT protection against large or potentially catastrophic medical claims with stop loss insurance.


Wellness Program

The ASBAIT Wellness program, administered by Edwards Risk Management, takes a "holistic approach" to health management and assists member districts to motivate their employees to make lifestyle changes that affect their well being. They are provided educational materials, including a quarterly safety, health & wellness newsletter in English and Spanish, wellness surveys, and an innovative incentive program.

For more information please visit

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Employee Assitance Program / Nurse Line Services

Alliance Work Partners (AWP) is the provider of the ASBAIT Employee Assistance Program (EAP). You have many benefits with this program, all provided at no cost to you, including 1-5 counseling sessions per employee, per problem per year, Law Access (includes legal and financial resources), Nurseline (answers to your health questions) HelpNet (skill builders, online resources and assessments) and WorkLife (a concierge service). Designed to help manage daily responsibilities, life events, work stresses or issues affecting quality of life, AWP is available to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information please visit or call (800) 343-8822.


PPO Network

The ASBAIT plan incorporates the Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) of Arizona PPO Network as part of the plan design. BCBS has been cultivating relationships with a wide range of health care providers in a long term effort to manage costs, assure quality providers and enhance client satisfaction. The plan designs available offer options of co-payments, as well as out-of network options; however, the costs to the member are greater for out-of-network services.

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Medical Management

ASBAIT Medical Management by American Health Holdings

ASBAIT's medical mangement strategy helps to control healthcare costs through the identification of employee medical needs and subsequent intervention and management. By combining the sophistication of our data system, the high-touch care of our utilization management (UM) nurses and the strength of our disease management and wellness programs.

An integrated data system allows interdepartmental communication, to help proactively track member health trends and risk patterns. An in-house utilization management (UM) department meeds the medical needs of members while protecting the cost-effectiveness of the benefits plans.

Scrip World

Prescription Benefit Management

With Scrip World—a leader in the pharmacy management business—you can provide the prescription benefits your workforce needs for good health. You’ll gain the advantages of high quality and access to pharmacy benefits, with the competitive pricing and effective cost management.  Your prescription plan will be integrated with your medical benefits and medical management program and is continuously monitored for performance by Scrip World’s business intelligence team. Added together, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes complete with the Scrip World partnership.

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First Financial Group of America (FFGA) is a fully licensed Third Party Administrator (TPA) specializing in the implementation and administration of Cafeteria Plans (Section 125), Tax Deferred Savings Plans (403b), Deferred Compensation Plans (457), Retirement Plans (401k), Voluntary Payroll Deduction Plans, and Flexible Spending Accounts. No Charge Debit cards for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) are now widely used by FFGA's customers. There are no charges to the district or employee for Section 125 administration or the duties associated with 403(b) retirement services.

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Biometric Screenings

ASBAIT has always considered the health of your employees to be our highest priority. We know your success is based upon many things, not the least of which is a healthy, vital and productive workforce. To complement on-going efforts to promote and support health and wellness, ASBAIT will be providing a unique health care opportunity.

Effective July 1, 2012, biometric screenings are included in the existing ASBAIT health plan, at no cost to each employee on the health plan.

The program is designed to provide early detection and prevention of disease, a strategy which improves health, vitality, productivity and lowers costs over time. Early detection and prevention benefits not only individual employee lives, but also the schools and districts in which they contribute.


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